Best Alternative Linux Distributions For Windows 11

Best Alternative Linux Distributions For Windows 11
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Windows 11 is the latest operating system from the Microsoft. Like previous version of Windows, Windows 11 needs better and bigger hardware to use it smoothly. Users will be forced to buy a new upgraded hardware for the Windows 11.

In this post, we are going to list out the some of the best alternative Linux operating systems for Windows 11.

Best Alternative Linux Distributions For Windows 11

  1. Ubuntu: No doubt, Ubuntu is the one of the most popular  Linux based operating systems right now in the market. Easy to use and tons of windows like features makes it the perfect Linux alternaive to Windows 11. It is open source and free to use with support for wide range of hardwares.
  2. Linux Mint: Linux Mint is another easy to use popular Linux based operating systems that fits perfectly in the list of Linux alternatives for Windows 11. It is based on Ubuntu.
  3. Zorin OS: If you want to feel like a Windows UI on Linux based operating system then Zorin OS is for you. You can also install many Windows programs in Zorin OS using the Windows App Support component. It is also based on Ubuntu.
  4. Elementary OS: If you are planning to migrate to Linux right now from Windows or Mac then Elementary OS is perfect for you. It is lightweight and easy to use.

Best Alternative Lightweight Linux Distributions For Windows 11

If you have relatively old and lowend hardware and struggling to use Windows based operating system then don’t worry as we have the list of Linux operating systems that works perfectly on lowend hardware.


Operating System RAM CPU (Min) MHz Disk ( Min) Desktop Environment
Arch Linux 512 64-bit compatible machine 1 GB No default desktop
Puppy Linux 128 233 MHz 512 JWM
Lubuntu 512 Pentium 4/Pentium M/AMD K8 3000 LXQT
Linux Lite 512 700 MHz 2000 XFCE
ArchBang 256 i686 or x86_64 compatible machine 700 Openbox
LXLE 512 Pentium 3 8000 LXDE
ArchLabs x86-64 Processor 5000 Bspwm, AwesomeOpenbox, XFCE4, i3,
Zorin OS Lite 512 700 MHz 8000 Custom
Bodhi Linux 128 500 MHz 4000 Moksha
CRUX 192 x86-64 or newer CPUs 1000 Openbox
KNOPPIX 120 i486 2000 LXDE
Peppermint 512 Intel x86 architecture 3600 LXDE
PCLinuxOS 512 Any Intel, AMD or VIA x86/64 processor 12000 KDE, LXDE, XFCE, Mate
Trisquel Mini 128 AMD K6 or Intel Pentium II 3000 LXDE
Manjaro Linux – Xfce Edition 512 1 GHz 30000 Xfce
Peach OSI 512 700 MHz processor 8600 XFCE, Mate & Cinnamon.
Raspbian 512 1 GHz 5000 Custom environment
Debian 256 1 GHz 10000 KDE
antiX Linux 256 Pentium III 2.7 GB NA
Sparky Linux 256 i686 / AMD64 CPU 10000 LXDE, JWM, Openbox, KDE, LXQt, MATE, Xfce, Budgie, Enlightenment.
SliTaz 192 i486 or x86 Intel-compatible processors 80 Openbox
CrunchBang++ 512 MB Pentium 4 NA NA
Elive 128 300 MHz 700 Enlightenment
BunsenLabs Linux 256 1 GHz 10000 Openbox
Slax 48 Any Intel, AMD or VIA x86/64 processor 220 KDE
Tiny Core 46 Pentium 2 11 FLWM

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