3D Arcade Racer SuperTuxKart 1.2 Released: Install It On Ubuntu

3D Arcade Racer SuperTuxKart 1.2 has been released with new features and improvements. SuperTuxKart is one of the popular open-source kart racing game.

Hardware requirements for the SuperTuxKart:

  1. A graphics card capable of 3D rendering – NVIDIA GeForce 470 GTX, AMD Radeon 6870 HD series card or Intel HD Graphics 4000 and newer. OpenGL >= 3.3
  2. You should have a dual-core CPU that’s running at 1 GHz or faster.
  3. You’ll need at least 512 MB of free VRAM (video memory).
  4. System memory: 1 GB
  5. Minimum disk space: 700 MB

Some of the changes and improvements on the new version:

  • Support for gamepad hotplugging
  • Easier remapping
  • New settings to customize the game’s camera
  • All official tracks are now included on Android in the release build
  • Haiku support
  • The game’s window can now be resized in-game without going in the options
  • An improved online rating system. Online rankings have been reset to go along with it.
  • Three improved karts : a new Kiki kart and improved Pidgin and Puffy karts
  • Support for SVG icons
  • Add support for IPv6 LAN servers
  • Improved server creation speed and performance
  • In-game creation of a racing server is now possible on iOS devices
  • Team chat for team games
  • Most gamepad related bugs have been fixed

3D Arcade Racer SuperTuxKart 1.2 Released: Install It On Ubuntu

How To Install SuperTuxKart On Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Run the following command to add PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stk/dev

Update your system with the following command:

sudo apt update

Now, you can install it on SuperTuxKart

sudo apt install supertuxkart
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